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Jacky is so talented, pass it on. Also look what she did with the background!

Fai D. Flourite [Nihon] (TRC)

Kuro-sama - Neji
Photographer - Jacky

aaah stop it ////////////


Ren Kouha, Magi, Emperor Fanart Version by Nuri
Photo by RythmeConnichi 2014, Germany

There’s still a lot to correct… but I’m happy I could finish it for Connichi and it was fun! (yes, even without seeing everything through the beads dsjf) Planning to wear it again soon and take some more pictures – next time with all the little details that are still missing orz and his weapon of course~

The last remaining legitimate Nightray Heir

Track: Break The Line
Album: Planet Of The Apes (Best Apes)
Artist: Guano Apes
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Track: Brennende Liebe
Album: Brennende Liebe
Artist: Oomph! feat. L'ame Immortelle
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Track: Life Burns
Album: Apocalyptica
Artist: Apocalyptica
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Track: Perfect Insanity
Album: Indestructible
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Sun Shangxiang - Dynasty Warriors 7

I’ve worn this cosplay last year while I had a weird allergic reaction to my antibiotics ahahahahaha…………….ahaha… haaaaaaah… I looked like a crumb cake but besides from that I was totally fine :/ 

But Connichi is getting closer and I will be wearing this on Saturday! Finally *A* I’M SO EXCITED >/////7////<

you shall find a new servant, Elliot <3


sincake whispered:
-midget?? did you really??? ... #NOIHAVENOSHAME

Yes MIDGET! No, I mean… I don’t know what you’re talking about!