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Let’s keep this experiment as our little secret.


We’ve got some serious problems there.


Jacky is so talented, pass it on. Also look what she did with the background!

Fai D. Flourite [Nihon] (TRC)

Kuro-sama - Neji
Photographer - Jacky

aaah stop it ////////////


Ren Kouha, Magi, Emperor Fanart Version by Nuri
Photo by RythmeConnichi 2014, Germany

There’s still a lot to correct… but I’m happy I could finish it for Connichi and it was fun! (yes, even without seeing everything through the beads dsjf) Planning to wear it again soon and take some more pictures – next time with all the little details that are still missing orz and his weapon of course~

The last remaining legitimate Nightray Heir

Track: Break The Line
Album: Planet Of The Apes (Best Apes)
Artist: Guano Apes
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Album: Brennende Liebe
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Sun Shangxiang - Dynasty Warriors 7

I’ve worn this cosplay last year while I had a weird allergic reaction to my antibiotics ahahahahaha…………….ahaha… haaaaaaah… I looked like a crumb cake but besides from that I was totally fine :/ 

But Connichi is getting closer and I will be wearing this on Saturday! Finally *A* I’M SO EXCITED >/////7////<